Employee Spotlight: Diem T.

A&J Manufacturing has some impressive employees in our ranks. The Employee Spotlight series aims to highlight the talented individuals who work here. Each month, we’ll be featuring an interview here on the blog and on our social accounts.

Employee Spotlight: Diem T. Quality Control Inspector

Employee Spotlight: Diem T.
Quality Control Inspector

How long have you been with A&J, and what do you do here?
I’ve worked at A&J 39 years. I’m responsible for the continuous monitoring and evaluation of activities on the production floor. I regularly conduct visual and dimensional checks of all production and assembly parts to ensure that our clients receive the upmost quality from us.

What aspect of your role at A&J do you like the most?
I view quality as my personal responsibility and always strive to fix any issues that do inevitably pop up quickly. I enjoy reviewing our technical drawings to make sure they’re accurate and am well versed in AS9100 standards and auditing procedures.

What is on your wish list for the next 5-10 years with A&J?
Over the past few years, we’ve taken some big steps to modernize our operations. We invested in a CMM machine in early 2020 and I’m eager to see where we continue to make improvements. A&J understands that when you put quality control measures and systems in place it can generate significant benefits.


Please share a random fact about yourself. I secretly like training our dog, Coco. But don’t tell the family!
If you could do another job for a day, what would you be? A Buddhist monk
If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? Noodles
What is on your bucket list? Taking a cruise around the world and visiting different temples. At the top of my list is Wat Phra Dhammakaya in Bangkok, Thailand


  1. Barry Lyerly

    Diem…..thank you for the 39 years of service at A&J…..Wow! We appreciate your expertise in making sure all of our products are The Best as they leave our facility!

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