Console Systems & Workstations

Consoles protect electronic components and instruments typically used to control a machine or process, and are available with flat or sloped tops. Viewing windows house and protect computer equipment and accessories from debris and moisture, and are available in a variety of mounting options.

Operator consoles are designed for ergonomic mounting of all types of operator interface devices: pushbuttons, display screens, HMIs, gauges, meters, keyboards and trackballs, etc. Larger freestanding consoles can also include ample enclosure space of other devices to be mounted on subpanels.

A&J designs integrated computer console systems with a focus on user comfort and reliable performance. We can accommodate a range of multi-display configurations (single-head, top/down) and mounting options for a variety of computing needs such as naval control systems, mobile communications, radar or simulation systems. 


It’s vital to ensure operators will be able to easily access everything they need and avoid clutter from technology. The optimal configuration of these elements can have profound implications for the safety, heath and performance of the people operating within mission-critical environments.

Workspaces need to have surfaces that can support all of their frequently used tools, materials and displays within relatively close reach zones. Ideally, everything is within arm’s reach and/or stored in a safe place without cluttering up the work surface.

It must also account for other factors such as lighting, line of sight and arc of reach within primary, secondary and tertiary zones according to task priorities. Attention to detail at this level was informed by the famous “cockpit studies” during WWII, where attack strikes were dramatically reduced by implementing the recommendations of experimental psychologists, who optimized the cockpit’s ergonomics and instruments to reflect the capabilities and limitations of the pilot operators. Optimized console design have been codified worldwide into ISO 11064 standards and follow MIL-STD-1472G for human factors engineering.


  • Console body, panel cover(s) and door(s), top assembly and/or writing desk are fabricated from aluminum
  • Any size (height, width, depth) can be specified
  • Stand-up and sit-down operator variants
  • -20 to 60 C operating temperature
  • Meet or exceeds MIL-S-901D shock, MIL-STD-167 vibration, and MIL-STD-461 for EMI
  • Construction methodology allows for easy interchangeability without adjustment, calibration or disassembly
  • Access for maintenance and installation can be provided on the forward part of the console via hinged panels
  • Multiple mounting options: wall-mounted, pedestal, base cabinet (open frame, 10U)
  • Single / multi display with display sizes ranging from 10.4″ to 24″
  • On-site engineering services for custom applications
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Often designed with an angled top and front surface for pushbuttons, pilot lights, switches or other monitoring devices
  • User-configurable desk layouts for keyboards, joysticks, trackballs, etc.
  • Protects against circulating dust, falling dirt and dripping non-corrosive liquids


If you need consoles, turn to the experts at A&J. We offer a variety of modification and customization capabilities to suit different customer requirements and restrictions.