Rack Accessories, Kits & Components

The most important rack components are the main frame and mounting rails. Equipment is often attached directly to the frame by front brackets and/or rear mounting posts that can be adjusted according to the depth of the equipment. 

But racks are just the beginning. In many applications, accessories and kits make your rack or cabinet more effective. Whether you’re looking for cable management or venting solutions, mounting kits, power distribution solutions, shelves or drawers; our accessories ensure you have everything you need to complete your project. They provide a finished appearance, add security and improve your work efficiency. Interior accessories such as power panels, brackets or fans can help reduce clutter and improve general system operation.

When choosing accessories for your project, consider: accessibility, expandability and cable management.


Due to our unique, bolted-together design, side panels can be easily removed from outside which will greatly enhance accessibility to interior components and cabling.


Kits are available that allow cabinets to be ganged together into a “suite.” This offers a number of advantages, including greater stability, and easier management of interconnecting cables.

Cable Management

Cables are often difficult to incorporate into 3D CAD drawings and since they’re “out of sight, out of mind”, the accessories needed to organize them are also forgotten. But nearly every piece of equipment in your rack requires data cables to provide network connectivity, or at the very least, power cables to make them operable.

One of the most critical considerations to keep in mind when choosing the appropriate cable management solution for your cabinet is the impact they can have on rail depth.

Our products are manufactured in our California plant, certified as being in conformity with ISO 9001:2015 standards. We use only the highest quality materials and our philosophy is based on uncompromising customer satisfaction.

Accessories (by product category)

Fans, fan trays and blowers

Power strips and distribution, cable support

Internal Slide Hardware

Mounting brackets, slide brackets

External Panels & Hardware

Blank panels
Screws, nuts, washers

Fixed and sliding shelves, sliding drawers


Wire rope isolators, shock absorbers


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