Military & Defense Electronic Enclosures

At A & J Manufacturing Company (A&J), we specialize in the design and manufacture of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom electronic equipment racks and enclosures. Two of the main markets we serve with our products are the maritime and military industries.

Since our founding in 1953, we’ve supplied electronic enclosures for mission-critical applications across all of the military branches, especially the navy. In both the maritime and military industries, parts and products are subject to strict specifications and standards regarding their design and construction. For example, they must be designed and built to tight tolerances, AS9100 compliant, extremely durable, and optimized for strength-to-weight ratio, all of which are essential to ensuring their effectiveness and reliability. Our racks are carefully engineered to meet all of these requirements and more.

Custom Racks for the Military & Defense Industries

In the maritime and military industries, racks play a key role in keeping vital electronic equipment protected from harsh or extreme conditions (e.g., dirt, chemicals, heat, and water). That’s why our engineers design and build our military and maritime racks to exacting requirements and for the harshest conditions.

Key features of our racks include:

  • Rugged design that meets MIL-STD for withstanding shock and vibration
  • High-strength, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Modular structure that requires no welding for assembly/disassembly; offerred in a range of sizes, designs and surface coatings
  • EMI shielding capabilities

In addition to COTS racks, we can produce custom racks for more complex requirements.

Some defense contractors experience challenges with their supply chain. By utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, such as an EMS tool for inventory management, we ensure we can remain flexible without sacrificing order fulfillment accuracy. The tool enables us to offer insight into inventory levels, capacities, constraints, and demands to potential purchasers and program managers and existing customers. It also provides us access to near-real-time data for use in first article inspection, traceability, audit, and anti-counterfeiting operations.

Value-Added Services

Our team is committed to ensuring customers receive the right products for their applications. For example, we help customers design custom solutions that fully meet their specifications and standards by providing engineering assistance. We can also review existing customer-provided drawings and designs to evaluate and/or verify manufacturability, tolerances, materials, finishes, and costs.

Our racks are easily modifiable. We provide kits and accessories that can be used to accommodate whatever electronic component the customer needs to fit within the rack (e.g., drawers, fans, power panels, shelves, and vents).


Life on the high seas can get very tough, so technical systems require highly effective protection against environmental influences such as humidity, temperature fluctuations and strong vibrations.

  • Electronic warfare systems
  • Mission computing systems
  • Navigational guidance systems
  • Payload management systems
  • SATCOM equipment
  • Ship maintenance support systems
  • Marine radio systems
  • Radar equipment and satellite telephones

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We can protect your vital electronics in rugged and harsh environments with our AS9100 certified racks

A & J Manufacturing: Your Military & Defense Rack Experts

Need racks for your maritime or military equipment? The experts at A&J have got you covered! As an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 approved company with over 65 years of experience designing and manufacturing electronic equipment racks and enclosures, we have what it takes to deliver a quality solution that meets your design requirements and the military industry’s specifications.  

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