Renewable Energy & Utilities Electronic Enclosures

At A&J Manufacturing Company (A&J), we specialize in the design and manufacture of standard and custom electronic equipment racks and enclosures.

One of the most important things to consider when selecting an electrical enclosure is the NEMA rating, designated by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. They developed a rating system which determines the types of environments an enclosure can be used in. Our standard enclosures are NEMA 1 and NEMA 12 enclosures which are both intended for indoor use only. They are dust resistant and can withstand damp conditions. They’re also rated NEMA 4 for their water and corrosion resistance.

Our enclosures meet the three most important requirements in the energy and utilities industries:

  • Superior protection for sensitive electronics and components in the harshest conditions
  • Shock & vibration resilience
  • Flexibility with a modular design for easy modifications

Custom Racks for the Energy & Utilities Industries

Electronic components are vital to keeping the services and infrastructure we all rely on running and often requires thousands of measurement devices to provide constant data to various locations.

Key features of our racks include:

  • Rugged design that can withstand extreme conditions
  • High-strength, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Modular structure that requires no welding for assembly/disassembly; offered in a range of sizes, designs and surface coatings
  • Extensive library of accessories and mounting kits

In addition to standard enclosures, we can produce custom equipment enclosures for more complex requirements.

Value-Added Services

A & Manufacturing offers reliable and reputable value-added services to our clients in the Renewable Energy and Utilities sector. Our racks are the main product, but we also have other services to ensure these structures reach their full potential.

One of our specializations is engineering assistance to clients who want fully customized electronic enclosures for their facilities. These must be made to fit the requirements of the energy and utilities industry for better operations.

We can also review our client’s drawings to determine if they are ideal for their facility’s environment and applications. The factors we look into are as follows:

  • Costs
  • Tolerance
  • Finishes
  • Materials
  • Manufacturability

Besides our engineering support services, we also have kits and accessories that our clients can purchase on top of their electronics enclosures. These can improve and enhance the structure’s features and help them become more efficient in the field.

Our accessories are as follows:

  • Shelves and drawers
  • Fans and Louvered panels
  • Power panels

Our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with quality solutions that can meet their expectations and needs. We are constantly updating our processes, materials, and standards to ensure we deliver the best customer service experience.


Electrical enclosures for utility uses come in a variety of sizes, but all require highly effective protection against environmental influences such as humidity, temperature fluctuations and strong vibrations.

  • Metering instrument assemblies
  • Transformers
  • LV motor control centers
  • Radio repeater equipment
  • Control switchgear
  • Pump protection in water and wastewater treatment facilities

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We can protect your vital electronics in rugged and harsh environments with our dependable, modular enclosures

A & J Manufacturing: Achieve Maximum Efficiency with Your Energy & Utility Enclosures

With over 70 years of experience designing and manufacturing electronic equipment racks and enclosures, we have what it takes to deliver a quality solution that meets your design requirements and the utility industry’s specifications.  

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