Rackmount Filler & Blanking Panels

We offer a variety of filler and blanking panels to close off the entire or portions of the top, bottom or sides of your rack frame.

Blanking panels are used for cooling purposes and fill in the empty spaces in a rack or enclosure and separate hot and cold zones of air. They’re vital because they keep air moving in the right direction and make your hot and cold aisle containment strategies more effective. Investing in a few blanking panels can go a long way in protecting your vital and expensive equipment from thermal damage.

Our metal panels are durable, secure and cannot easily be tampered with. They’re especially beneficial if your rack is constantly growing or evolving because these panels can be reused for a longer period of time.

Internal Blanking Panels

Features & Specifications:

  • Height: 0.75″ to 13.14″ for standard kits
  • 19″ EIA compliant
  • Various mounting holes per height (2-8 slots)
  • Panel Styles: solid, vented, louvered, perforated
  • Aluminum

Standard part number: 150-090-XXX


External Panels

Features & Specifications:

  • Front, top, bottom and side panel options available
  • Dimensions vary
  • Aluminum
  • Panel Styles: solid, vented, louvered, perforated
  • 0.25″ bored holes for 10-32 x 3/8 pan head mounting screws

Standard part number: 51-7XX, 51-5XX