Since 1953, A&J Manufacturing has been providing industry-leading electronic equipment enclosure design and manufacturing services for a range of different industries.

Our products are frequently found in telecommunication, aerospace, defense, and commercial applications, among many others. Offering electronic equipment enclosure design and manufacturing services from start to finish, from prototype to production, we employ state-of-the-art equipment and complete all engineering, design, tooling, and production in-house.

During our 65+ years of operation, we were one of the first in the industry to design and develop aluminum extrusions and a unique method of all-bolted together construction, thereby eliminating the need for welding.  A family of extrusions was developed to accommodate a wide range of payload requirements, from light to heavy-duty enclosures.  These extrusions and method of construction are confidential trade secrets proprietary to A&J.

At A&J, we provide exceptional racks and enclosures to a wide variety of industries. Some bring a unique mix of regulatory requirements and standards, and performance demands, but every customer, regardless of industry, will get our combination of quality construction, uncompromising service and collaborative communication.

Whatever the industry, your requirements guide our efforts. We’ve invested in premier technology and the exceptional talent as a means to fulfill our promises of exceptional quality and timely delivery.

Industries We Serve