Research & Testing Facility Electronic Enclosures

At A & J Manufacturing Company (A&J), we specialize in the design and manufacture of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom electronic equipment racks and enclosures. The increasing number of test and measurement tasks means that our customers require greater modularity of the enclosures that protect the sensitive electronics that make up high-end test systems.

Since our founding in 1953, we’ve supplied modular electronic enclosures; designed and built to tight tolerances, AS9100 compliant, extremely durable, and optimized for strength-to-weight ratio, all of which are essential to ensuring their effectiveness and reliability. Our racks are carefully engineered to meet all of these requirements and more. And for universities or research centers compiling and analyzing research or testing data, they require a flexible setting. Data is practically currency in today’s environment, and their ability to scale capacity quickly will affect their bottom line.

Build To Order

Electronic Racks for Research & Testing Facilities

In the research/education industry, researchers require powerful HPC systems and racks play a key role in keeping that vital electronic equipment protected, while following specific cabinet standards. That’s why our engineers design and build our racks to be fully adjustable and compatible with all EIA-310 compliant 19″ equipment.

Key features of our racks include:

  • Enclosures have vertical mounting rails that are fully adjustable and compatible with all EIA-310 compliant 19″ equipment
  • High-strength, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Modular structure that requires no welding for assembly/disassembly
  • Multiple modules can be connected together to make scaling up capacity simple and fast
  • High mechanical stability; shock and vibration resistance
  • Multiple airflow management & cooling options
  • Tool-less adjustable rackmount rails
  • Improved EMI shielding

In addition to COTS racks, we can produce custom racks for more complex requirements.

Value-Added Services

At A & J Manufacturing, we specialize in helping our clients in the research and testing facilities for better electronics enclosures through our value-added services. These services are designed to aid our clients in improving their operations further and increasing their research facility’s efficiency.

We provide engineering assistance to our clients who want a fully customized solution to ensure that they meet the specifications and requirements of their facilities. At the same time, we can review their drawings to determine the following factors:

  • Finishes
  • Materials
  • Costs
  • Manufacturability
  • Tolerances

By ensuring that their drawings meet the required factors to create durable electronic enclosures and complete the necessary safety requirements, our clients can rest assured knowing that they have made a sound investment.

In addition, we have other kits and accessories they can choose from to enhance the structure’s performance. We specialize in the following items:

  • Power panels
  • Fans
  • Drawers and shelves
  • Cable management

These are components that can fit within the racks without the need to hire a specialized engineer. Furthermore, they are made to help our clients save time and money without compromising the quality. Overall, we can accommodate varying needs to the best of our abilities through our excellent value-added services.


Our COTS and custom racks find application in a range of electronic systems across research and higher education industries. Typical uses include:

  • Measurement & testing stations
  • Data centers and server racks
  • Network equipment
  • Science lab equipment

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Custom modular enclosures give your research and testing facility the best environment to grow in. Modular, flexible, built to any size and fast to deploy: that’s the future!

A & J Manufacturing: Your Research & Testing Facility Rack Experts

Research and testing facilities often require enclosures to be installed in a variety of spaces including large test rooms, smaller labs and other multipurpose areas. In addition to flexibility, they require component reliability and system monitoring capabilities to ensure the security of their sensitive data. Let A&J design a solution that fully incorporates modular enclosures in various dimensions, pre-configured with cable and airflow management components and related accessories.  

To learn more about our rack products and services, contact us today. To discuss your rack design with one of our team members, request a quote.