Overview of Engineering Services

What Are the Various Offerings From A & J?

A & J Manufacturing offers innovative equipment racks and enclosures for safeguarding vital electronics. We specialize in custom and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) designs, offering a full range of installation kits.

Build to Order

With more than 65 years of experience, A & J Manufacturing can deliver a custom-built system with unmatched programmatic expertise. Our build-to-order products include design and development consulting with engineering support services to meet your specific application requirements.

We offer a wide range of COTS and modified commercial off-the-shelf (MCOTS) solutions for various industries, including aerospace and defense.

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Technical Drawings

A & J Manufacturing supplies our clients with technical drawings for standard size racks and cabinets ranging between 26″ to 36″ in depth and 21.31″ to 24″ in width. We offer light-, medium-, and heavy-duty products to meet your specifications.

We also provide technical drawings for all our enclosures, footprints, installation kits, and accessories.

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Engineering Support Services

A&J Manufacturing has designed thousands of custom racks and enclosures. With more than 80+ years of combined experience, our engineering staff has the expertise and knowledge to customize the optimal solution to meet the demands of any application using:

  • 3D CAD design software
  • 3D modeling capabilities
  • Prototype design
  • And more!

Our design services consistently adhere to the data requirement sheet or product specifications, with the capabilities to support each stage of the project from start to finish.

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What Industries Do We Serve?

Since 1953, A&J Manufacturing has provided industry-leading design and manufacturing services for electronic equipment enclosures. A wide variety of industries frequently use our products in commercial applications, such as:


A & J Manufacturing was one of the first manufacturers to design and develop aluminum extrusions, which are now commonly used in the aerospace industry. We utilized a unique method of all-bolted together construction to eliminate the need for welding in assembly and disassembly of our custom racks.

Our aluminum extrusions accommodate a wide range of payload requirements, and the construction method is a confidential trade secret proprietary to A & J Manufacturing. The extrusions were developed solely with private funds and supplied to customers on a “Limited Rights” basis.

Military & Defense

For 65 years, we have supplied electronic enclosures for mission-critical applications for the Navy and all other military branches. For maritime and military use, parts and products must adhere to strict standards and specifications regarding construction and design. Our engineering team provides precise technical drawings to meet these requirements.

All components must be incredibly durable, optimized for strength-to-weight ratio, and AS9100-compliant for optimal reliability and effectiveness.

Our custom and COTS racks and enclosures benefit a broad range of electronic systems, with typical maritime and military uses that include:

  • Electronic warfare systems
  • Mission computing systems
  • SATCOM equipment
  • Payload management systems
  • Navigational guidance systems
  • Ship maintenance support systems

Racks play a vital role in protecting electronic equipment from extremely harsh conditions (i.e., dirt, heat, chemicals, and water). Key features of our military-grade racks include:

  • Rugged design that can withstand shock and vibration and meet MIL-STD guidelines
  • A modular structure that does not require welding for assembly/disassembly
  • High-strength, lightweight aluminum construction
  • EMI shielding capabilities

Brief Overview of Our Engineering Support Services

Services Offered

Engineering Support Services

The engineering support services for designing COTS or custom enclosure solutions include:

  • 3D CAD Design: Our design team provides exceptional instructions for engineers to work with, giving a detailed view of an enclosure rack or individual object.
  • 3D Modeling: We can provide a realistic view of your order, which is crucial for custom electronic enclosure projects.
  • Prototype Design: A&J develops and produces a layout of an item to allow for virtual and physical testing to ensure the product is safe, operational, and ready for delivery.
  • Electrical Engineering: Model power systems and technical drawings help us understand how the external enclosure will interact with internal components, ensuring the safe operation of all devices.
  • CNC Programming: Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Programming enables computers to control machine tools while adding improved efficiency and accuracy to the manufacturing process.
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA): By prioritizing the simplified assembly and ease of manufacturing for the product’s parts, we can reduce time-to-market and overall production costs.
  • Concept Design: Our experienced team can turn an initial idea into a well-crafted enclosure design that results in a high-quality finished product.

Technical Drawings

A & J Manufacturing provides technical drawings for all our standard racks, cabinets, enclosures, and footprints. We also offer exact specifications for our installation kits and accessories, which include:

  • Air Filter Kits
  • Blank Panel Kits
  • Buss Bar
  • Cable Retractor
  • Cable Supports
  • Fan Assembly
  • Fixed Shelf
  • Hold Down Assembly
  • Isolator / Stabilizer
  • Joining Kits
  • Louvered Fan Panels
  • Mounting Bracket Assembly
  • Mounting Kits
  • Power Panels
  • Power Strips
  • Retma Rail
  • Razorback Panels
  • Sealing Bar Assembly
  • Slide Mounting Plate
  • Sliding Shelves and Drawers
  • Sway Brace
  • X Brace

If you don’t see what you need, contact us, and we will be happy to send you the information. Our experienced engineer team can also help you customize a standard design to meet your application demands.

Why Choose A & J Manufacturing

Our extensive industry experience lets us help our customers select an enclosure that meets their needs while ensuring the materials and design meet all safety and security standards.

A & J Manufacturing offers a wide selection of configurations and accessories that allow us to customize an enclosure to meet our customer’s exact specifications. While providing expert help, our experienced team offers an invaluable outside perspective to the design process.

About A & J – FAQs

The process with A & J Manufacturing begins by contacting our contracts department to request a quote and discuss application specifications and requirements. We ask for a description of the enclosure, which can include a sketch, components, or spec requirements sheet.

After receiving the information, we provide clients with a detailed quote for the cost of design services and an estimate for manufacturing the enclosure. Our design team will consult with customers and provide a CAD drawing for final approval before production begins.

The final result will be a design that meets customer demands while adhering to all design specifications while saving time and money with the help of our expert team.


Every supplier we partner with must meet our criteria for quality assurance processes, ideal lead time, and communication standards. We consistently monitor transactions with our suppliers to ensure the relationship is mutually beneficial.

We strive to build and maintain strong relationships with a small pool of vendors. Since we are always aware of supply chain issues and component shortages, A&J utilizes a multi-sourcing strategy to gain traction and ensure we have the necessary materials to manufacture our electronic equipment racks and accessories.

A&J Manufacturing is ISO 9001 registered, AS9100 certified, and ITAR-compliant, doing business under CAGE code 08060. We are transparent in everything we do and offer an FAQ to address any issues or concerns our potential customers may have.

How Different Is A & J Manufacturing From the Rest?

Since 1953, A & J Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing COTS and customized electronic equipment racks and enclosures. Our 45,190 sq. ft. production facility in Foothill Ranch, California, houses our assembly and fabrication operations, in addition to our quality assurance, engineering, purchasing, and other administrative functions.

Our third-generation family-owned, women-owned small business has been recognized over the years with numerous industry awards for exceptional quality performance. Our innovative production, quality design solutions, and experience of our employees have helped A & J Manufacturing become the premier specialist in the field of electronic enclosures.