What Are EIA Standards

What are EIA Standards? And Where Do They Come From?

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A 19-inch rack is a standardized frame or enclosure for mounting electronic equipment modules. Common uses for these racks / enclosures include datacom, telecommunication, audiovisual production equipment, scientific equipment, and networking hardware. The weird thing: almost nothing on a 19″ rack measures 19 inches. The term comes from the width of the front panel of […]

questions to ask your enclosure manufacturer

Questions to Ask your Electronic Enclosure Manufacturer

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Choosing a manufacturer to build your COTS or custom electronic equipment enclosure is a big decision. With money and so many important factors at play, it requires careful consideration. Before committing, there are several questions you should ask to get a better idea of what they do and the level of quality they offer in […]

components of an electronic enclosure

Understanding the Components of an Electronic Enclosure

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Today, virtually all businesses rely heavily on technology to satisfy their customers, regardless of size. And with these technological advances, we’re starting to place electrical equipment in a variety of nontraditional environments. To ensure proper protection of electrical components, choosing the right electrical enclosure for the application at hand is critical. But first, let’s break […]

Metal vs. Plastic Electronic Enclosures

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Metal and plastic are the two main categories of materials for electronic component enclosures. The better material depends on the intended application of the electronics. Whichever enclosure material you choose, safety should be the topmost consideration. The material and design of the enclosure should also be able to withstand the environmental conditions in which they […]

uses applications aluminum extrusions

Uses and Applications for Aluminum Extrusions

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Using extruded aluminum to manufacture your electronic enclosures allows for elegant, low maintenance designs with increased design innovation possibilities AND the added benefit of green credentials. They have many uses and applications in the electronics, automotive, mass transit, aerospace, telecommunications, solar/renewable energy industries, and more. Extruded aluminum gets its strength from the addition of alloying elements. […]

A&J Customer Service Policies

How A&J Is Tackling Customer Service

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Customer service is a rapidly evolving discipline that plays a major role in the a company’s long-term success. And in honor of National Customer Service Week 2021, we’re highlighting what A&J is specifically doing to ensure that our happy customers continue to do business with us. How Has Customer Service Changed in the Past 10 […]

Get Those Wires Organized: Rack-Mounted Cable Management Accessories

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Among some of the most frequently forgotten, yet necessary components of any rack solution are cable managers. Cables are often difficult to incorporate into 3D CAD drawings and since they’re “out of sight, out of mind”, the accessories needed to organize them are also forgotten. But nearly every piece of equipment in your rack requires […]

Overview of Aluminum Enclosures

An Overview of Aluminum Electronics Enclosures: Applications, Benefits, & Types

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Electronic enclosures are cabinets or racks designed to house electrical/electronic equipment. They protect the equipment from damage caused by environmental conditions or compounds and users from electrical shock caused by direct contact. Depending on the application in which they are employed, they can be made from a variety of materials. One of the most commonly […]

Estimated Lead Time for Electronic Rack Purchases

Guide to Planning an Electronic Enclosure Purchase

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The need to store vital electronic equipment and data requires purchasing electronic enclosures or racks. Understanding how long it may take for you to develop the rack’s interior layout, purchase the racks, and having them installed will allow you to develop a realistic timeline that will guide you in your planning process. With any project, […]