Aluminum vs. Steel: An Infographic

Steel and aluminum are the two most common materials used in metal fabrication. In fact, aluminum is the second most abundant metallic element on Earth and steel is the world’s most popular alloy.

Each has their own defined and distinct characteristics that make it the right, or wrong, choice for each job. When selecting the right material, it’s important to consider: strength and malleability, corrosion resistance, weight and cost. And most important of all, each of these attributes need to be matched with the end application.

aluminum vs. steel comparison chart

Common Use Cases for Aluminum Racks

Aluminum racks can be used in a variety of industries with several use cases outlined below.

Sports & Entertainment
  • scoreboards
  • sound & light equipment
  • audio/visual
Food Processing
  • thermoelectric cooling systems
  • food-grade warehousing
  • retail cases at grocery, restaurant, bar, specialty stores
Security & Surveillance
  • RFID readers
  • transmit/receive modules
  • power supplies
  • assembly line control panels
  • electric vehicle charging stations
  • after-market modifications for emergency vehicles
  • traffic-control enclosures
  • mass transit & rail components (ex: rail switching components)
  • power plants (including renewables)
  • waste-water treatment (ex: sludge treatment)
Aerospace & Defense
  • aircraft
  • satellite

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