Test & Measurement Equipment Racks for Research Labs

Test, measurement and simulation systems have undergone significant technological advancements in the past decade. Couple that with specific environmental or physical challenges and your electronic rack or enclosure likely includes a wide variety of requirements to ensure you purchase an effective solution. The increasing number of test and measurement tasks means that our customers require greater modularity of the enclosures that protect the sensitive electronics that make up high-end test systems.

Common Concerns for Simulation, Test and Measurement Enclosure Solutions

At A&J, we want to support and help accelerate innovations in testing, measurement and other common functions of a research lab or facility; specifically protecting the electronics that help provide network security and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Common challenges include:

  • Physical space or a reduced footprint
  • Protection against shock and vibration
  • Increased heat dissipation

Physical Space

It’s important to understand and make note of all the relevant specifications prior to designing and even eventually installing your rack solution. Rack height is the most important. But not only does it need to fit in the installation space, but in every space that needs to be transited through to get there: subterranean parking garages, hallways, elevators, utility corridors.

Additionally, consider the space required for maintenance, monitoring and servicing access.

Shock & Vibration

Vibration and shock issues pose significant challenges to many industries. The development of robust products that can be exposed to long term exposure or periodic shocks without degradation is critical to the overall performance of any system and can be a tremendous risk to millions of dollars of research effort.

Every facility will have its own unique structural and environmental considerations. We’ve designed, manufactured and qualified more than thirty (30) different configurations of racks and enclosures to meet stringent military requirements (MIL-S-901, STD-167-1) and our wide range of accumulated test data for our designs could allow additional configurations to qualify by extension. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in reviewing our testing data.

Heat Dissipation

Components like power suppliers and processor chips can generate significant amounts of heat and those increases in temperature can sharply reduce the life of your components, even just 10 degrees! 

Some of the factors that influence the success of enclosure cooling includes: the ability of heat to dissipate, the ability of air to flow freely to and from the outside, contamination from dust and other substances and consistent air flow to all components. Frankly, anything that can aid natural convection should be considered since this is “free” and can dissipate a significant portion of the heat in an enclosure.

Factors To Consider When Buying Measurement & Testing Enclosures

A high-quality laboratory rack is invaluable to any research environment. Laboratory racks have a compact and space-saving footprint to maintain a neat appearance while facilitating laboratory organization. They offer a safe storage solution for protecting critical lab equipment and accessories from outside contaminants as well as falling and breaking.  

Lab equipment racks can also facilitate laboratory compliance and storage safety standards. At A&J Manufacturing, we rely on innovative technology, integrity, and collaboration to deliver superior laboratory equipment racks for your needs. We inspect our products rigorously under an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 certified quality management system to ensure we meet our customers’ stringent requirements.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best enclosure manufacturer:

  • Improved EMI shielding 
  • Superior signal integrity
  • Improved cooling or thermal management 
  • Modular or flexible configuration options

At the base level, our AJR 150 Series rack satisfies the test and measurement application requirements for modularity and EMI shielding. As the cornerstone of our enclosure rack offerings, it uses a modular design that allows for significant cabinet reconfigurations as your component requirements or testing equipment changes. Our AJR 150 Series is offered in a wide variety of sizes giving you additional flexibility based on any physical restrictions and the bolted-together construction makes applications both scalable and enables multi-stage installation or where access might be constricted due to small footprints. 

Because temperature directly affects the reliability and service life of electronic equipment, thermal management accessories are paramount to the success of your test and measurement enclosure options. At A&J, we can offer both passive and active thermal management options. Wherever possible, use passive solutions first because they make the most of the natural properties. They also tend to be cheaper and more practical. 

Laboratory Racks From A&J Manufacturing

Laboratory racks are crucial components in any research facility, offering a safe storage solution for protecting valuable lab equipment and accessories. At A&J Manufacturing, our racks come in light, medium, and heavy-duty configurations to meet various application and industry requirements. To learn more about our commercial off-the-shelf and custom equipment racks, or for help determining which lab equipment rack is right for your needs, contact us today.

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