Guide to Planning an Electronic Enclosure Purchase

The need to store vital electronic equipment and data requires purchasing electronic enclosures or racks. Understanding how long it may take for you to develop the rack’s interior layout, purchase the racks, and having them installed will allow you to develop a realistic timeline that will guide you in planning an electronic enclosure purchase.

With any project, knowing the steps that should be accomplished to earn a successful outcome is important. From there, you can work backward to establish a realistic completion date. Timelines for each and every project will vary, but tend to follow a general pattern. Below is an outline of expected steps so that you can plan for your electronic enclosure purchase.

Estimated Time & Steps Required to Manufacture an Electronic Enclosure

1 day – 1 week: Take inventory of all electronic equipment that will need to be mounted in the rack and set up an appointment to meet with your rack manufacturing professional to evaluate your requirements.

2 to 6 weeks: To allow our engineers to develop a proposal and a rack layout. Plan to meet with them regularly or at least once more to review the proposal and the layout to ensure it meets your objectives. Allow for additional time to make changes to fine tune the proposal or design specifications.

2 to 4 weeks: You know the speed at which your organization makes purchasing decisions. A purchase approval can take anywhere from a few days to several months. And unfortunately, is a wild card you cannot control. So, it’s best to plan for more than enough time to ensure you have approval from all decision makers or stakeholders.

1 week: For purchasing to process and send the order; and for us to receive and process the order.

2 to 3 days: Final drawings are approved and released to production.

4 to 14 weeks: Depending on the backlog at any point in time, production time to complete your rack(s) can vary widely. Currently, lead times are generally 12 to 16 weeks for custom enclosures. Note: Standard lead times vary based on quantities, whereas, lead times for modified or custom orders will vary based on the complexity of your design/drawings.

3 days to 1 week: Typical shipping time required.

2 days to 2 weeks: Installation of your rack(s) is based on the amount of racks to be installed and the number of installers on the crew.

Projected Timelines for Planning your Electronic Enclosure Purchase

For planning purposes, you should expect it to take at least 4 to 6 weeks from the time you start planning your rack purchase of MCOTS electronic enclosures to the time it’s installed. If you need a modified or custom order, expect the timeline to be longer; between 12 and 16 weeks.

You don’t need to begin the planning and selection process on your own. Our experienced engineers at A&J Manufacturing can walk you through our catalog of options and design an option that works best for your unique needs. Contact us today to get started on your next electronic enclosure project.


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