Electronic Enclosures

Electronic enclosures are racks or cabinets designed to hold electronic equipment, such as data servers, control panels, and communication systems. They protect the equipment’s components from damage and prevent electrical shock caused by direct contact with them. Ours are made from extruded aluminum alloys and rated for different protection levels in a variety of applications and environments. 

Innovative Electronic Enclosures From A & J Manufacturing

A & J Manufacturing offers light-, medium-, and heavy-duty electronic equipment racks/enclosures with a large variety of equipment installation assemblies. Our unique family of proprietary aluminum extrusions makes our products modular, versatile, and high-performing. A & J enclosures incorporate a “bolted-together” design that allows for easy disassembly and reassembly. Our basic installation kits are shock- and vibration-qualified and interchangeable between different rack/enclosure configurations.

Rack/Enclosure Design Features

  • Lightweight – aluminum / modular / bolted-together
  • No weld joints
  • EIA / STD mounting pattern available (front, rear & internal)
  • Easily disassembled and re-assembled
  • T-slot design allows for infinite vertical equipment positioning
  • No tooling required
  • Any size (height, width, depth) can be specified
  • On-site engineering services for custom applications
  • Full complement of equipment mounting kits; plus cooling systems, filters, PDUs, slides and other accessories
  • Can be converted to EMI / RFI in field
electronic equipment rack

Technical Design of our Racks

Our racks/enclosures feature 19-inch wide front and rear panels with front RETMA rails that have standard EIA panel mounting hole patterns and vertical T-Nut slots and two backup rails that have T-Nut slots located in the rear. A rear EIA hole pattern is optional.

  • The use of the T-Nut slot allows for infinite vertical adjustments without the need for drilled mounting holes. The T-Nut slot dimensions from the front to rear and side to side are maintained throughout the standard series of light-, medium- and heavy-duty configurations to facilitate the interchangeability of installation assemblies.
  • The RETMA Rail EIA holes have stainless steel threaded inserts that may be removed and replaced when the insert becomes stripped or worn.
  • RETMA rails and backup rails enable the rack/enclosure to be configured at any time to meet EMI/RFI requirements.
  • An X brace is included as a standard feature in all delivered racks/enclosures. It provides torsional stiffness and keeps the vertical frame members from bowing.
  • Our COTS standard racks are recognized as a military standard. Many products have been assigned National Stock Numbers.
  • If multiple racks are required, joining kits are available for multi-bay configuration.

Bolted Construction

The bolted-together design enables the rack to be disassembled for passage through narrow openings and passageways and around tight corners. The rack/enclosure may be reassembled and still maintain its original structural integrity. When reassembling, the following types of tools and torque values should be observed together with an application of component adhesive to the joining bolts.

Screw Size

APEX Tool Number

Torque Value (Inch-Pound)

Adhesive Type
(or Equivalent)







Loctite 242




Types of Electronic Enclosures

We offer three standard varieties of electrical enclosures:

AJXR 100 Series

AJM 150 Series

AJMR & AJSR 159 Series

Standard Sizes

Height: 72”

Width: 22.31”

Three (3) standard depths: 26", 30", 36"

Height: 72”

Width: 22.31”

Three (3) standard depths: 26", 30", 36"

Height: 72”

Width: 24”

Three (3) standard depths: 26", 30", 36"


Up to 500 lbs.

Up to 1200 lbs.

Up to 1600 lbs.


2500 Series aluminum extrusions

6500 Series aluminum extrusions

9000 Series aluminum extrusions

Shock Protection

Light Duty

Medium/Heavy Duty

Extreme Heavy Duty

Shock & Vibration Protection

Provides a lightweight, space saving rack for protection

from rain, dust and surface impact

Delivers a rack with good vibration protection using shock mounts

Delivers maximum level of shock and

vibration protection, including MIL-specs: MIL-STD-901D, MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-167


Semi-Fragile Medical Equipment, Radios and Amplifiers,

Field Deployed Test Equipment

Industrial Applications, Military Rapid Deployment, Field-Deploy Applications,

Control Consoles/Panels, Broadcast & Television Communications Equipment

Military Rapid Deployment, Memory Storage Devices,

Precision Lab Equipment, Calibrated Diagnostic / Testing Gear,

Aerospace Instrumentation


Fully configurable 

(COTS & customizable)

Modified and custom configurations are also available for all enclosures. All enclosures are shipped with extra hardware (painted 26251). 

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