Medium Duty Racks/Enclosures


The Medium Duty electronic equipment Rack/Enclosure provides outstanding performance and versatility to meet stringent Military Shipboard requirements.



  • Made from 6500 aluminum extrusion which enables support of medium to heavy payloads in a shock and vibration environment
  • The Medium Duty Rack/Enclosure is available in various heights, 72” is our most popular
  • The width is 22.31” and comes in three standard depths, with a partial bottom panel and full top panel
  • The section modulus enables the open frame rack to support a 600-pound payload and a 900-pound payload in an enclosed cabinet
  • A variety of Medium Duty Racks/Enclosures have been qualified to meet the requirements of MIL-S-901 shock and MIL-STD 167-1 vibration and environmental test methods of MIL-STD-810


Additional Features and Criteria

  • A clear area of a half inch (.5) inch should be maintained all around the rack for free excursion under potential shock conditions
  • When the fragility of the electrical components demand shock and vibration attenuation, the medium duty Enclosure may be configured with an isolation system
  • A summary of test reports are available upon request
  • Various standard configurations available to meet specific customer requirements, please contact our Contracts Department for more information
Bolt Size APEX Tool Number Torque Value (Inch Pound) Adhesive Type (or Equivalent)
5/16-18 #4 108 Loctite 242
1/4-20 #3 52
10-32 #2 20

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