Light Duty Racks & Enclosures

AJXR light-duty rackMost suitable for light-weight, shallow-depth equipment that requires protection from rain, dust and surface impact. An ideal option for buyers looking for space-saving, small footprint solutions. 

We offer a flexible product line, with an extensive selection of rack heights, widths and styles that accommodate your specific design and project requirements. You can also select from a variety of accessories and kits to complete your rack or enclosures. MCOTS or custom designs are available, simply contact us

Uses: radios and amplifiers, server rack equipment & network components, field testing equipment, semi-fragile medical equipment (i.e. remote diagnostic tools)

Features of AJXR Light-Duty Enclosures

  • 19″, 23″ or 24″ mounting capabilities
  • Modular, bolted-together aluminum frame, manufactured using 2500 Series aluminum extrusions 
  • 300 lb. static payload or 500 lb. payload with an enclosed cabinet
  • Wide range of height sizes to meet various applications with a narrow footprint
    • Standard height: 72”
    • Standard width: 22.31”
    • Three (3) standard depths: 26″, 30″, 36″
  • Standard or custom color options available
  • Modified or custom configurations available
    • Consists of 0.25” thick bottom and top panel
    • a clear area of one inch should be maintained all around the rack for free excursion under potential shock conditions
  • Infinitely adjustable vertical mounting rails
  • All racks are shipped with extra hardware (painted 26251)

Recommended Tooling

Bolt Size APEX Tool Number Torque Value (Inch Pound) Adhesive Type (or Equivalent)
5/16-18 #4 108 Loctite 242
1/4-20 #3 52
10-32 #2 20

Have a standard design you want customized to meet your needs?

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