Heavy Duty Electronic Racks & Enclosures

Overview of Our Ruggedized M-Series & Seismic Enclosures

Heavy Duty Racks

Our military- and seismic-ready racks have been lab and field tested to ensure that mission critical equipment remains operational during harsh deployment events. Most suitable for businesses looking for added vibration resistance, especially those listed as “essential” operations. They offer high performance protection against dust and harsh environments. 

We offer a flexible product line, with an extensive selection of rack heights, widths and styles that accommodate your specific design and project requirements. You can also select from a variety of accessories and kits to complete your rack or enclosures. MCOTS or custom designs are available, simply contact us

Uses: military rapid deployment, precision lab equipment, calibrated diagnostic/testing gear, aerospace & defense instrumentation

AJMR / AJSR Series Features

  • 1600 lb. static payload or lb. payload with an enclosed cabinet
    • Standard height: 72”
    • Standard width: 24”
    • Three (3) standard depths: 26″, 30″, 36″
  • Modular, bolted-together aluminum frame; manufactured using 9000 Series aluminum extrusions 
  • MIL- 901-D shock, vibration and seismic resistance
    • An open-frame rack supporting 560 lb payload at 50 Hz and a transmissibility of 2.75 to 1
    • An enclosure rack supporting 900 lb payload at 33 Hz
  • Radio-frequency (RFI/EMI) shielding  
  • Standard or custom color options available
  • Modified or custom configurations available
    • Bottom panel has four cutouts; one near each corner to facilitate bolting the rack to a foundation and a full top panel
    • As an enclosed cabinet, the inner width dimension is 19.12” and can be used as an equipment assembly mounting surface or as a plenum wall for circulating air
    • A clear area of three-tenths an inch (0.3) should be maintained all around the rack for free excursion under potential shock conditions
    • Note: an X-brace isn’t required
    • If adjoining several racks together in a stationary configuration, we highly recommend our joining assembly kit with five-eighths inch (.625) diameter CRES high-strength bolts for mounting to foundation
  • Full line of power panels, air flow and/or cable management accessories
  • All racks are shipped with extra hardware (painted 26251)
Bolt Size APEX Tool Number Torque Value (Inch Pound) Adhesive Type (or Equivalent)
5/16-18 #4 108 Loctite 242
1/4-20 #3 52
10-32 #2 20

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