“I would like to thank you and your team for your efforts in supporting DRS on this program. The cabinets were received yesterday and in conversation with Inspection this afternoon all will be accepted and placed into Stores today. In terms of feedback, you’ve received several positive comments on the quality of the transit packaging, the cabinet finish is excellent and dimensionally the cabinets are spot on. As a result of A&J’s outstanding performance and attention to detail, DRS will shortly receive a milestone payment from the Customer. On behalf of DRS, thank you!”
DRS Technologies

“Oh you’re good, almost too good, you’re scaring me Denise, none of my suppliers delivers this early. Take your right hand, place it over your left shoulder and pat yourself on the back. Pass my thanks to your team as well.”

“Your efforts have been very much appreciated and Lockheed Martin wants to thank you for your dedication to our team and this project.”
Lockheed Martin

“Thanks SO Much. A&J really pulled out all the stops for us on this order.”
Axiom Electronics, LLC

“Well as time would have it. The rack showed up today!!!!! Thanks for your outstanding service.”
General Dynamics Information Technology

“Thank you. I appreciate your responsiveness and commitment to NGIS.”
Northrop Grumman

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