Technical Drawings

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Supplier Quality Clauses F-840-006-A


Rack-Light DutyRack-Medium dutyRack-Heavy Duty


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100 Series - Light Duty Rack Footprint 150 Series - Medium Duty Rack Foorprint 159 Series - Heavy Duty Rack Footprint


Air Filter Kits

Air Filter with Mounting Holes Air Filter-Standard Air Vent Panel-EMI

Blank Panel Kits

Blank Panel Assembly-2 Slots Blank Panel Assembly-4 Slots Blank Panel Assembly-6 Slots Blank Panel Assembly-8 Slots Bottom Panel Rear Panel - Medium Duty  Side Panel AssemblyTop Panel

Buss Bar

Buss Bar Assembly

Cable Retractor

Cable Retractor Assembly

Cable Supports

Cable Support Assembly-Rear Retma Rail Mountingcable-support

Fan Assembly

Fan Panel Assembly-Retma Rail Mounting

Fixed Shelf

Fixed Shelf Assembly Fixed Shelf Assembly-Heavy Duty

Hold Down Assembly

Hold Down Assembly

Isolator / Stabilizer

Isolator Assembly Stabilizer Assembly

Joining Kits

Joining Strip Assembly

Louvered / Fan Panels

Louver Panel

Mounting Bracket Assembly


Mounting Kits

Mounting Angle Assembly Mounting Kit Assembly

Power Panels

Power Panel Assembly-8 Position Power Panel Assembly-10 Position Power Panel Assembly-12 Position

Power Strip

Power Strip Assembly-8 Outlets

Retma Rail

Retma Rail AssemblyIntermediate Rail Assembly with Std. Mounting AnglesBack Up Bar Assembly

Razorback Panels

Razorback Assembly-1 Tier razorback Razorback Assembly-3Tier

Sealing Bar Assembly


Slide Mounting Plate

Slide Plate Assembly

Sliding Shelves & Drawers

Sliding Drawer Assembly-Standard Sliding Drawer Assembly-with Locking Latch Sliding Shelf Assembly-Heavy Duty Sliding Shelf Assembly-Standard

Sway Brace

Sway Brace

X Brace

X-Brace Assembly with Trimplate X-Brace Assembly-Standard rack