Rack/Enclosure Design Features


A & J Manufacturing offers Light, Medium, and Heavy-Duty electronic equipment Rack/Enclosures with a large variety of equipment installation assemblies. Our unique family of proprietary aluminum extrusions make our products modular, versatile, and high performing. A & J enclosures incorporate a “bolted together” design construction that allows for disassembly and reassembly.  Our basic installation `Kits’ are shock and vibration qualified and are also interchangeable between the three different Rack/Enclosure configurations.

  • Lightweight Aluminum / Modular / Bolted-Together
  • No Weld Joints
  • Light Weight to Strength Ratio 1:1 at the Corners
  • EIA / STD Mounting Pattern Available Front, Rear & Internal
  • Easily Disassembled / Re-assembled
  • T-Slot Design Allows for Infinite Vertical Equipment Positioning
  • No Tooling Required
  • Can be Converted to EMI / RFI Enclosure in Field
  • Any Size-Height, Width, Depth can be Specified
  • Rack / Enclosure for any Payload
  • On-Site Engineering for Custom Applications
  • Full Complement of Equipment Mounting Kits
  • Cooling Systems, Filters, PDU, Slides, and Other Accessories
  • Isolation Systems Designed to Customer Specifications


The Rack/Enclosure has front and rear 19” wide panel with front RETMA Rails which have standard EIA panel mounting hole pattern and vertical T-Nut slot. Also two Backup Rails with T-Nut slots are located in the rear. A rear EIA hole pattern is optional.

  • A & J MFG uses the four (4) T-Nut slots for the majority of the electronics assembly mounting/interface to the Rack/Enclosure
  • The T-Nut slot dimensions from the front to rear and side to side are maintained throughout the standard series of Light, Medium and Heavy-Duty Rack/Enclosures to  facilitate the interchangeability of installation assemblies
  • The use of the T-Nut slot provides infinite vertical adjustments without necessity of drilling mounting holes
  • The RETMA Rail EIA holes have stainless steel threaded inserts that may be removed and replaced when the insert becomes stripped of worn
  • A continuous integral EMI/RFI gasket is contained in all frame members. RETMA Rails and Backup Rails enable the Rack/Enclosure to be configured at any time to meet this requirement
  • The successful performance of the Rack/Enclosure with these payloads can best be achieved if the center gravity (CG) can be kept vertically below the middle near the center axis

Additional Criteria

If the Rack/Enclosure payload distribution is maintained as specified a deck mounted and free-standing configuration without sway bracing can be achieved.

  • If the weight distribution results in a higher center of gravity or excessive payload, the addition of a sway brace should be considered
  • An X Brace is included as a standard feature in all delivered Racks/Enclosures which provide torsional stiffness and keep the vertical frame members from bowing
  • If Racks or other Enclosures are adjacent, they should be fastened together at the top using the A & J cabinet joining assembly. Half inch (.5) diameter CRES high strength bolts should be used for mounting the to the foundation
  • Our Standard Racks are recognized as a military standard and have been assigned National Stock Numbers

Bolted Construction

The bolted together construction provides the capability of disassembly of the Rack/Enclosure for passage through narrow openings, passageways and around tight corners. The Rack/Enclosure may be reassembled and still maintain its original structural integrity. When reassembling the  following type of tools and torque values should be observed together with an application of component adhesive to the joining bolts.


Screw Size APEX Tool Number Torque Value (Inch Pound) Adhesive Type (or Equivalent)
5/16-18 #4 108
1/4-20 #3 52 Loctite 242
10-32 #2 20