Functional Design Features

Functional Design

  • Lightweight – Aluminum / Modular / Bolted-Together
  • No Weld Joints
  • Light Weight to Strength Ratio 1:1 at the Corners
  • EIA / STD Mounting Pattern Available Front, Rear & Internal
  • Easily Disassembled / Re-assembled
  • T-Slot Design Allows for Infinite Vertical Equipment Positioning
  • No Tooling Required
  • Can be Converted to EMI / RFI Enclosure in Field
  • Any Size-Height, Width, Depth can be Specified
  • Rack / Enclosure for any Payload
  • On-Site of Engineering for Custom Applications
  • Full Compliment of Equipment Mounting Kits
  • Cooling Systems, Filters, PDU, Slides, and Other Accessories
  • Isolation Systems Designed to Customer Specifications

Technical Discussion & Design ApproachTECHNICAL DISCUSSION & DESIGN APPROACH

A & J Manufacturing Company’s enclosures incorporate a unique “bolted together” design construction that allows for easy disassembly of our products for passage through narrow openings, passageways, and around tight corners. The A & J design approach is to achieve electrical conductivity by the “bolted together” technique. We use proprietary extrusion using 6061-T6 aluminum as primary structural members, with a tensile yield of 65 psi. Conductive adhesive is also applied at the joints. 

A & J’s enclosures design is totally modular with complete dimensional flexibility. A standard feature is a from EIA panel mounting pattern with four backup T-slots at each of the corners. The electromagnetic radiation shielding is achieved by using 1/8-inch-thick aluminum panels for the top, side, rear, and door with conductive EMI/RFI pressure-seal gasket at all panel joining surfaces. A & J  enclosures can be designed to meet all customer specifications and requirements.

Our environmental enclosures are designed to meet the requirements of the Department of Defense and have maximum reliability and minimum weight. They are easy to install, maintain, disassemble, and reassemble when required. A & J racks and enclosures are designed to meet U.S. Navy Shipboard Shock and Vibration requirements (MIL-S-901 and MIL-STD-167-1) both hard mounted and freestanding.

We also meet the structural and environmental requirements of MIL-E16400 and MIL-STD-810.

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